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“I was able to let go, its been transformational. Ive been able to make great changes with the way that I see things, the way I feel things, to let go of thoughts that no longer serve me and to manifest new ideas .”

Jay Ponti

Executive-performance coach and strategy consultant.

Jay Ponti is a high performance coach serving CEO’s, Hollywood luminaries and Non-Profit Leaders. He is certified in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, EFT Technniques for trauma and is a certified teacher of the Kriya Yoga Lineage. 

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Why You Should Join

People have been sharing recently about how much stress and anxiety they have been experiencing due to the current crisis. Most people were already feeling stressed out with life.  One thing is certain, with the current health crisis it has never been so important to take care of our bodies and our emotional health.

Stress lowers our immune system making us more vulnerable to viruses. Studies have proven that being stressed out affects our health in all sorts of negative ways leading to chronic problems.

Most of us say “I can’t meditate” because… My mind is too restless…. I can’t sit still….I get anxious….I hate sitting still….I tried and I hated it….I don’t have time.

You don’t have to do it alone. If you are struggling that just means you don’t have enough support. Receive ancient breathing techniques that are simple but powerful.

Learn to live in the present moment.  Connect with the power and intuition inside of you to see the road ahead and overcome any obstacle.   How can you make good decisions living in constant fear?

The truth is, most of us resist change or doing something new. We are inconsistent with diets, exercise and self-care.  It’s hard to change your habits and your lifestyle, and it’s even harder when you are living in fear.  Sometimes it takes something drastic to shake us out of our comfort zones and wake us up.

✔️  Decrease your stress and anxiety
✔️ Strengthen your immune, vascular and nervous systems
✔️ Increase your capacity for clear, rational thinking and being open to new ideas
✔️ Feel confident, centered and empowered
✔️ Create connection and community
✔️ Strengthen your lungs, oxygenate the blood and increase your ability to clear mucus
✔️ Self-Care techniques to help you reduce fatigue, feel energized and prevent burnout. Create a culture that is nurturing, connected and sustainable
✔️ Transform your relationship with time
✔️ Be present and patient in your own life and with others
✔️ Become a powerful attractor and manifestor

Turn a difficult situation into a catalyst to transform your life.  Join us Daily (or any Day you want!) at 6PM PT


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