Organizing 2.0

Date: 4/26/2020-4/28/2020
Role: Organizer/Speaker

Organizing 2.0 conference brings organizers together for workshops, training, discussions, consulting and networking, visionary speakers, and thoughtful debates about our strategies and practices.

How to Organize an Impactful Virtual Summit or Conference

Speakers: Daniel Moss; Michelle Garrison; Jay Ponti

Description: In this training, we’ll go through the key steps to generate attendees, speakers, and partners for your virtual event. Discover how to use this strategy to increase the impact of your mission and powerfully land your message.  We’ll discuss how to choose which type of online event to run, how to build your list, and how to create meaningful relationships with influencers and experts in your field. Daniel, Michelle, and Jay each have decades of experience producing and marketing hundreds of online and in-person events for grassroots organizations.

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